Hansel and Gretel Premiere in Linz

A highly successful premiere of Hänsel and Gretel in Linz.  Thank you so much to all the singers, dancers and to the whole staff involved in the production.  And of course Rainer Mennicken for his vision, inviting me to be a part of the production and trusting in my creative and choreographic talent!

It has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed and appreciated my time at the Landestheater Linz so much.

Lets see where life takes me next! ;-)

Performances run through to the 17th April 2016

Landestheater Linz website

Photo: Christian Brachwitz

Heute Abend: Lola Blau Premiere

It was a wonderful premiere of Heute Abend: Lola Blau last Sunday!  Angela Waidmann delivered a beautiful, touching performance as Lola, also dancing my choreography.

A big thank you to Angela, Verena Koch - the director for involving me in the production, Anna Lang and Alois Eberl - the musicians and the rest of the team!

Performances run until the end of February.  See the Landestheater Linz website

Review in German: nachrichten.at

Photo: Christian Brachwitz 

Heute Abend: Lola Blau - Linz update 4

Loving my time here in Linz.  It has become very productive!! One production has turned into three...  I've been asked to choreograph on the lovely Angela Waidmann for the solo evening Heute Abend: Lola Blau.  

Heute Abend: Lola Blau by Georg Kreisler, is a musical about a young Austrian woman who, being Jewish, had to flee to the United States during WWII.  She becomes a Broadway star, returning to Vienna after the war.

The first rehearsal was great!  Excited to keep developing the piece!

The premiere is the 13.12.2015 at Landestheater Linz (link)

Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow) Premiere - Linz

The premiere was a great success!  I will post a trailer as soon as it is available!

More photos and performance dates can be found on the Landestheater Linz website (link).  

Here is also a review of the production in German (link).  

I am extremely proud and thankful for the production that the whole team has achieved and how the artists and especially the dancers have grown into their roles.  

If you are passing by Linz, try to come along to see a performance.  I will here until the 20th of December doing choreography for two other productions: the opera Hänsel and Gretel and a play Heute Abend: Lola Blau.

Photo © Reinhard Winkler