Die Lustige Witwe (Merry Widow) General Rehearsal - Linz

The General Rehearsal is complete!  The piece is looking stunning!!  I never knew how much work an operetta is, but now I have found out and I am so thankful for the experience.  It is the dance operetta!  It think what we have created will be a very entertaining and colourful evening full of dance, song and laughter.

Thanks so much to all the singers, dancers and extras and of course the whole team involved!  It has been a wonderful process.  You have done an amazing job and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Premiere tomorrow (7.11.2015) at Landestheater Linz with 26 performances for the rest of the season (Link).  Come along if you are in the area!

Photo © Reinhard Winkler

Linz update 3

The Lustige Witwe rehearsals are moving along nicely.  Still some choreography to finish, which I hope to complete this week or early the week after.  There are stage rehearsals coming later in the week and we will start to put the piece together and cleaning the scenes that have already been created.  It's been looking good so far, getting the opera singers as well to express themselves in movement.   I will appreciate having some distance, watching from the auditorium rather than everyone dancing under my nose!

Linz Update 2

A lovely first week rehearsing in Linz.  It has been nice getting to know the artists involved in the Lustige Witwe production and finally being able to work my choreographic ideas in studio.  The process has had some wonderful moments so far.  The scenes with the leading pairs and the dance numbers are coming along nicely.  

Very excited to continue onto week 2!

Linz update

We held the audition for dancers for the production of Hänsel und Gretel in Linz on Saturday 19.09.  A big thank you to all those who attended.  It was inspiring to see you move and bring your ideas in such a short space of time!  We will be able to finalise the cast later this week.

Monday start the rehearsal of the Lustige Witwe (Merry Widow) with Michiel Dijkema and the team.  I am very much looking forward to enjoying the process and working with my Cancan ladies and the rest of the ensemble!

Hänsel and Gretel in Linz

My third opera for 2015!  I am working out the details of the choreographic concept with Landestheater Linz Intendant Rainer Mennicken who will be directing the production.  We will be working together with the singers, children's choir and dancers of the Oberösterreichische Ballettakademie.  The premiere is the 19 December 2015 in Linz.